Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LAD202 - Civil 3D

LAD202 – 3D Computer Modelling for Landscape Architecture - spring 2013 – part#1 using AutoCAD Civil 3D. 
Following this course and having access to all the files that we use are easy as long as the course is running and the fronter-room is open. However, when the semester is over and you start over again next year, you have been kicked out of fronter and all the information from the course is gone! So did you save it all on your hard drive? Do you have all the template-files? Probably not, but no need to worry. Course material is now available to you for dowloading from a public folder on dropbox (no need to log in before you download or view them).

Lecture 01 - 3D in AutoCAD
Lecture 02 - C3D terrain models - surface
Lecture 03 - C3D terrain modeling
Lecture 04 - C3D terrain analysis

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Lecture 05 - C3D FeatureLines Grading I
Lecture 06 - C3D FeatureLines Grading II
Lecture 07 - C3D Alingment. Profile
Lecture 08 - C3D Site engineering and design
Lecture 09 - C3D Discussion
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