Friday, February 5, 2010

LAD202/ 3D modelling with SketchUp/ session 2

Through this session we will explore the following features:
  • Drawing & modifying tools: Circle, Polygon, Entity Info. ( check video link here )
  • Make use of the Tape Measure tool. (check video link here )
  • Create surfaces with Offset Tool. (check video link here )
  • Making use of the Scale tool. (check video link here )
  • Use Paint Bucket tool to render surfaces.(check video link here )
  • Position camera and looking around tool. (check video link here )
  • Introducing Views, Face styles, Shadows, Scenes, Layers and Styles. (check video link here )
  • Export images from the model.

Modelling a  Pergola

    The main exercise for this session is to model a Pergola in 3D. See Figure1 enclosed. You use the basic measurements visible in the figure in order to start with modelling. Basically, you will make use of the main 6 modelling functions: Pencil, Push/pull, Eraser, Orbit, Pan, Zoom. You will notice that 80% of your work time with SketchUp will be using these functions.

 Placing a  Pergola in a site

    Using Style function in order to place the Pergola in a site. 

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